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What is CMIT?

The Center for Molecular Imaging and Therapy operates as an independent research organization with a mission to perform molecular imaging research.

What is molecular imaging research?

Molecular imaging is a technique that investigates fundamental molecular processes using molecular noninvasive methods. Molecular imaging differs from traditional imaging in that probes known as biomarkers are used to help image particular targets or pathways instead of imaging qualities such as density or water content.

Many exciting applications exist for molecular imaging, including basic pharmaceutical development, early disease detection and early disease treatment.

What is CMIT’s expertise?

CMIT has expertise in all areas of molecular imaging but focuses on the positron emission tomography modality. CMIT has expertise in the development, optimization and manufacturing of PET radiopharmaceuticals, the use of radiopharmaceuticals in the clinical and research environment, and the assessment of the value and results of the radiopharmaceuticals in both clinical and research environments.