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PET Facilities

PET Scanner

The PET Imaging Center houses a General Electric Discovery 710 PET/CT scanner. This camera is a highly capable machine that provides high-quality images. The scanner is fully time of flight capable, which allows for rapid image acquisition and has a generous bore to ensure patient comfort during the procedure. The staff is fully trained on the scanner and is capable of developing and implementing routine and non-routine imaging protocols.

Hot Lab Area

The CMIT hot lab is where the radiopharmaceuticals are prepared for administration into your body. Trained staff works to ensure the proper dosage is measured and injected to ensure the highest quality images. Additionally, radionuclidic therapy agents are prepared in this lab. Dose calibrators and other ancillary equipment are located in this lab.

Physician Resources

To use the high-quality images acquired at our facility, physicians and scientists must interpret the images. Board-Certified Nuclear Medicine Physicians use high-tech workstations to view the images from your scans. Additionally, scans acquired for research purposes are analyzed here with quantifiable data extracted to produce valuable results. We have a variety of workstations such as GE Advantage workstations, GE Xeleris workstations and research workstations running PMOD, Analyze, Asipro, MedCon and ImageJ.